Trekking in hills

Tips for Trekking

Trekking in the hills. Picture credit Soul Safar.
Trekking in the hills. Picture credit Soul Safar.

While we travel in the mountains the best option to explore a place and enjoy its beauty is by foot, be it a short uphill climb or a thrilling trek through the thick wooded forests flanked by mountains. For a regular trekker it might be a very easy one but for most travellers it becomes too challenging even to walk a flight of uphill steps. Here are some travel tips to make your trail a comfortable and exciting one.

  • Never eat too much in breakfast before your trek
  • Instead have a light protein rich meal and avoid oily food if any
  • Carry some biscuits, chocolates and dry fruits along with water with you
  • Never smoke or drink alcohol while you are trekking, which may be dangerous at times
  • Wear a totally covered water proof trekking boot(leeches may be there in the jungle so beware and you may need to cross a hilly brook)
  • Wear comfortable clothings but nothing draping from your body
  • Carry a polythene sheet so that you can lie down in some green meadows in between your walk and have some rest
  • Don’t run while you are descending,otherwise you may lose body balance and topple
  • Wear a hat or any head wrap to beat the scorching sun ( the sun rays are very intense in the mountains)
  • Keep silent while walking.This will help you in breathing and also to absorb the charming rustic essence of the surroundings
  • If possible carry a stick( a thick tree brunch is enough)which may be of help in your ascend and also to defend yourself from any unwanted things in your way
  • You may take help of any local people to guide you through the unknown path
  • Dont forget to take your regular medicines( if any) before the start
  • To take a snap on your way stop, take a deep breath and then click for the picture, never be hasty
  • Don’t throw any plastics packets or bottles on your path – Keep the environment clean

Enjoy a Clean and Green Soul Safar.

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