Self driving in hills

Tips for self-driven travelers in the mountains

Driving on the hills. Picture Credit @ Soul Safar
Self driving in hills. Picture Credit @ Soul Safar.

Today more and more travel enthusiasts are opting for Self driving in hills. This undoubtedly is very thrilling but at the same time challenging too. While you take your car and set off to some beautiful Soul Safar destinations in the mountains these suggestions will surely be of great help to you.

  • Before the onset of your journey get your car checked by some expert reliable mechanic to ensure it is in perfect condition and also check your tool kit
  • Completely fill the fuel tank of your car and check your tyre pressure before the start of the journey
  • Start very early morning (if possible at early dawn)to drive in an absolutely deserted highway without traffic before reaching the foothills of the mountain
  • You should have a very peaceful sleep the previous night before your start so that you do not feel sleepy while driving
  • While self driving in hills do not allow your co-driver to sleep or doze while you drive.(this induces sleep in you)
  • Have very light non – oily food while driving. Spicy fried food may cause indigestion and acidity which will make you very uncomfortable and restless
  • While you drive in the hills follow the simple basic rules earnestly
  • Don’t be in a hurry; drive in a very relaxed mood while self driving in hills
  • Never overtake in a bend while driving in the hills.(this may be dangerous as you cannot see the car coming from the other end)
  • Do not play your car music system too loudly so that you are unable to hear the horn of the vehicle coming from the opposite end in the sharp bends
  • Always drive with the windows (specially driver window) down so as to hear the horns of the vehicle coming from the other end(you may not be able to see them due to sharp bends)
  • Never drink alcohol while self driving in hills or start driving after drinking
  • While driving in the hills take halt at regular intervals (generally 2-3 hrs of driving which may reduce your stress)
  • Do not allow the other fellow passengers in the car to shout, sing or gossip in a loud manner (this may distract you)
  • If you feel tired and sleepy while driving in the mountains, take a halt, freshen up with cold water, have some hot tea or coffee or any energy drink (red bull) and after you feel confident enough start your journey
  • If you are chewing on some snacks while driving don’t throw the plastic packet outside from your running car, help to keep the hills completely plastic free

Happy & safe driving.


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