Soul Safar to offbeat destinations in Himalayas

What is Soul Safar?

Soul Safar is a unique travel initiative which facilitates your peaceful journeys to the offbeat destinations in Himalayas. It inspires you to return to nature & reconnect with your inner self.

We at Soul Safar guide you to places lesser known and less traveled; destinations those are away from the hustle and bustle of acute modernization; offbeat destinations in Himalayas, where you can be with yourself and connect with your inner spirit while finding peace within. Each destination is selected after thorough research clubbed with personal experiences.

Why Soul Safar?

This modern world is slowly transforming us into machines. We are left with no time to connect with our own selves, to listen to our own thoughts and to understand the voice of our inner self.

Even while we are out to relax with our friends and family we carry the baggage of our professional world with us.  In other situations our travel endeavours become hectic chases, running from one destination to another, tick marking the “must see” places with in the short span of availed leaves that we manage and returning back home more tired.

We at Soul Safar inspire you to break free. We believe that travel can help us disconnect from this madness of modernity and help us salvage our souls. Traveling to the offbeat destinations in Himalayas, away from the maddening crowd, in the lap of mother-nature produces a profound impact on our tired souls. The first ray of the morning sunlight, the chirping of the birds, and the pure breeze from the nearby mountains enliven our spirit. These are those pure moments that help us reconnect with our inner self.

Soul Safar is for whom?

Soul Safar is only for the one who seeks to venture into the road less travelled, to those lesser known destinations and savor a unique experience that enriches his life. These are journeys that cut yourself from the madness of the ever demanding modern world and help you reconnect with your core. The random tourist may prefer a different land and a different itinerary, and so be it. Soul Safar is only for those few passionate travelers who love to get lost to find themselves. Welcome to Soul Safar, your journeys to reconnect.

What does Soul Safar offers you?

Soul Safar guides you to such offbeat destinations in Himalayas; destinations far away from the madding crowd, amidst nature’s bounty that can help to re-energies your tired soul

We also design closed group specialized tours with like minded companions to such offbeat places which will inspire you. Our carefully crafted escorted tour plans are full of easy to moderate activities that will help you to unwind yourself.

For the travelers who want it their way we arrange for tailor made journeys to such lesser known magical destinations which are still less travelled.

In your Soul Safar you will experience slow paced journeys to less travelled hidden treasures of mother earth, savouring every moment, reconnecting with nature, exploring the local culture and cuisines and renewing your mind, body and soul.

What to expect in your Soul Safar?

Return to Nature: Travelling close to the virgin nature, away from the maddening modernity produces a profound impact on our weary souls. Such journeys help us reconnect with our roots, with nature from where we all come from. We will feel connected to this deep, inherent understanding that nature and we are one and the same.

Renew your body, mind & soul: Soul Safar is about transformational journeys to holistically improve one’s physical, emotional and spiritual well-being. The slow paced travels proposed by us to the uniquely selected power spots gives you enough time to reconnect with your mind, body and soul. The self chosen moderate adventures can challenge your mind, body and soul and push them beyond the threshold of transformation.  A silent walk in the forest or a short hilly trek, group meditations or solo bird watching, angling for trout fish or simply  mountain gazing, these experiences will  surely create an everlasting impression.

Reconnect with your Inner Self: The wise seers of India had always travelled to the distant and secluded lands in search of answers to the greater questions of life. Such travels to the distant destinations amidst the divine beauty of nature helps us to ponder on our thoughts and understand ourselves bit better. In this noisy world of continuous cacophony finding a quiet corner of solitude where you can listen to the whisper of your own inner voice is a tough task. These serene moments with yourself might help you realize the real purpose of your life. Or just might help you know the complex labyrinth of your mind bit better. These offbeat destinations in Himalayas, far away from the busyness of the modern world will definitely help you to spend unperturbed moments with the most important person of your life…YOU.

Wish you all a happy Soul Safar.

Soul behind Soul Safar

Indira Adhikari

She is a nature enthusiast, travel lover, entrepreneur, soul searcher, blogger, travel advisor, home maker and a mother residing in Delhi. Academically she had completed her masters in Pure Chemistry from Calcutta University and done her Post Graduate Diploma in Public Relations.

Her insatiable hunger for travel and her free spirit had compelled her to abandon her successful career and to follow her heart. With her extensive knowledge and experience, travelling to different parts of this magical land she serves all travel lovers with her guidance and advice through her travel blogs and pages. To take this endeavor a step ahead, partnered with a group of experienced travel enthusiasts, she is launching Soul Safar as an initiative to promote inspiring journeys to the lesser known which will set each one of us in a path to reconnect with our soul.

Special Thanks

Mr. Kaushik Saha: Advertising professional, creative consultant, photographer and travel enthusiast, residing in Delhi

Mr. Subhrashis Adhikari: Leading geologist, popular blogger & travel lover living in Gurgaon

Dr. Barun Chowdhury: Noted radiologist, travel enthusiast and nature photographer, residing in Kolkata

Dr. Gautam Mistri: Renowned cardiologist, philanthropist, avid traveler and trekker living in Kolkata

Mr. Jishnu Changkakoti: Reputed marketing professional, travel lover & photographer residing in Ahmedabad

Mr. Swapan Kumar Bhattacharyya: Retired banker, financial adviser, globe trotter & travel writer living in Kolkata


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