Motion sickness in hills

Ready Remedies from Motion Sickness in Hills

Tohtang Pass, Manali
Rohtang Pass, Manali

Journey to the hills is surely thrilling but not to those who suffer from motion sickness in hills. Here are some suggestions for them.

  • Never take any oily or fried food in your breakfast while travelling. (No Alu parathas, puris and omlettes)
  • Start your journey with some light breakfast. (Bread toast, upma, poha, boiled eggs etc)
  • Avoid aerated drinks while travelling, instead opt for plain lemon water or simply plain water but in small sip, don’t drink too much water
  • Don’t keep an empty stomach, munch of some plain biscuits(no cream or chocolate biscuits) at regular intervals
  • Avoid any packed snacks like potato chips or anything like that (No Lays or Kurkure plz)
  • Ask the driver of the vehicle to slow down in the sharp bends, high acceleration in the turns of the hills aggravate the situation of nausea
  • For severe motion sickness in hills take medicines half an hour before the start of your journey
  • If you still feel restless with severe nausea, get down of the car, sprinkle cold water in your face, walk a little, inhale the cool breeze and pop some sour lozenges in your mouth
  • You should have a nice, peaceful sleep the night before your journey in the mountains
  • Lastly stay positive and try to enjoy the beauty of the mountains while you travel without worrying about your challenges

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