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Tips for booking accommodation in the mountains: 

HPTDC Hotel Devdar, Khajjiar. Picture Credit Soul Safar.
HPTDC Hotel Devdar, Khajjiar. Picture Credit Soul Safar.
KMVN, Mohan Tourist Rest House, Corbett National Park. Picture Credit Soul Safar.
KMVN, Mohan Tourist Rest House, Corbett National Park. Picture Credit Soul Safar.









With the boon in online marketing it has become easy for travelers to book rooms in their preferred hotels or resorts or camps just by going through the chosen websites. But often they are attracted by the discounts or offers available and so they hurriedly book the rooms without taking adequate information. As a result while they travel to those beautiful mountainous places filled with majestic splendour, their entire journey gets spoilt by the wrong choice of hotels or rooms. Though in case of spot booking these faults can be easily avoided but often it becomes risky to book rooms on arrival especially in the mountains.

GMVN Khirshu. Picture Credit Soul Safar.
GMVN Khirshu. Picture Credit Soul Safar.

So Soul Safar guides you with some suggestions which may be of great help while booking accommodations in the hilly terrain.

  1. It is always advisable to book your rooms in advance before the journey specially if you are travelling with kids or elderly parents
  2. Call directly to the hotels and talk to the reception manager about your needs before you book the rooms
  3. While hotel booking in hills, always prefer mountain peaks view rooms from where you can gaze to the snow-capped peaks while relaxing in your room
  4. If you are a true mountain lover then avoid hotels located in busy market areas and opt for hotels away from the bustling crowd amidst a silent ambiance which will soothe your soul
  5. It is preferable if the hotel or resort has an open grassy lawn with a beautiful garden at the backdrop of the majestic panoramic mountains where you can enjoy your breakfast or even read a book at a silent nook
  6. Before booking your rooms be sure that they provide room heaters, geysers and sufficient blankets (especially if you are travelling in winters or with kids and elderly parents) to the mountains
  7. While hotel booking in hills, take prior information about the check-in and check-out timings of the hotel and plan your itinerary accordingly leaving 2-3 hours of buffer time in every journey(travelling in the mountains is always a little uncertain)
  8. For booking rooms in Government tourist rest houses opt for the cottages which are always ideally located in a beautiful surrounding, elsewhere go for super – deluxe rooms. Always avoid the deluxe or budget rooms as they are always located in the ground floor with hardly any views
  9. If you are travelling with your family( specially kids and elderly parents) then prefer hotels with restaurants, otherwise you need to go out for dinner in the cold
  10. If you are travelling in a hired car, make sure they provide accommodation for your driver, otherwise he will be in a trouble (always extend a friendly hand to them as they are your saviours in the entire mountain journey)
  11. If you are doubtful about the exact location of the hotel then go through the entire map of that particular place (easily available in the Internet) and then book your rooms
  12. Lastly while travelling to serene¬†mountainous locales don’t expect city luxuries and food at your hand in the hotels. Be prepared to face any worst situation (if it snows heavily for some days food may be out of stock). Co-operate with the hotel staffs and have patience

Every State has it’s Government tourist department’s rest houses at the best location in beautiful surroundings with moderate comfort. They are the most reliable and value for money and can be booked online (links below)

Himachal Pradesh Tourism Development Corporation

Jammu & Kashmir Tourism Development Corporation

West Bengal Forest Development Corporation

Kumaon Mandal Vikash Nigam

Garhwal Mandal Vikas Nigam

Have a fantastic journey ahead.

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